Artist window for Hermès in Hong Kong International Airport. The concept of the window is initiated by “Object Sense”. Slowness is the essence of Hermès, the pace that is set to appreciate time, to respect the finest craftsmanship and to celebrate its timeless products. In this fast paced airport, we aims to create a window that invites the travellers to experience the slowness.
Two airport areas are playfully re-created in the window, the flight information lobby and the security checkpoint, where travellers would physically slow down or pause. Hermes products are cleverly integrated onto the x-ray machine, conveyor trays, etc. The flight information board is integrated with the actual split-flap display system, an hand-drawn animation lays behind the display with a surprise and sense of humor.

Client: Hermes
Handcrafted with Mixed Media  |  2017

Skills: SPACE